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In the land of the blind

I have seen it, and now it is your turn, two bloody-hot queens who does everything to satisfied their king. In the land of the blind one eye is king, this is a well-known saying in the Netherlands.

These two wet pussies show how to practice it. They introduce you to the latest trends into the latest dirty dutch porn sex, a renewal like never before, and the dirty dutch train by Mr. Cumbizz keeps on running.


Getting high with the latest Dirty Dutch Porn sensation that nitrous oxide offer


Their pussies are wet and drip with the sensation that nitrous oxide offers, it is short-lived but a heavy and horny expierience. This new laughing gas baloon sensation is cheap and easy to get, it lets the two Queens lick and kiss each other, sucking each other's clits and use a gigantic dildo to fill their dripping pussies, everything for the King. Who is not getting warmed up by this. The way to celebrate King's Day in an appropriate manner is here for you.


Join the fun of these two horny sluts, Mandy Slim and Jentina Kleine are lesbian sluts who have also discovered the Dirty Dutch Porn. With their laughing gas baloons experiment and a magisterial monster dildo act complete with strapon masturbation show these two blondes are a pleasure to watch, with wobbly tits and irresistible asses and a super squirt to see.


Go for it now ... It is after all Super horny King's Day!

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