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A naughty outdoor plan

The ladies of starduzt have come up with a naughty plan with some lookalikes from leading parliamentarians. Soon this movie will be shown live streaming via cumbizz website.


What is their naughty plan?


In this article I will try to indicate what I have learned through a short interview of the directly involved ladies.

It was not easy for them to talk about this project because they do not want to give away the excitement of this outdoor experience. And yet, everything is for sale, everyone is for sale, especially in this form of sport where money and fun says everything. What is it about?


A well dressed parliamentarian in three-piece suit cannot believe his eyes


 Three horny starduzters dressed to perfection see their first victim step out of the expensive BMW, his driver keeps the door open as usual, in one hand a pile of important files, they resolutely approach him. Their expensive by animal activists forbidden fur coats fall on the cold asphalt, in the middle of the street, half naked with tight boobs and hard nipples in front of his nose and wide open eyes he shakes.


His folders, all files fly here and there and while he tries to catch them, his coat and tie, trousers and panties are thrown away from his body in a devious manner ... despite the fact that it is a lookalike, it breaks loose on social media ... FAKE NEWS that can make and break!


After the film is mounted, you as a member can live stream it during our happy hour ... so be patient, coming soon!


Peep away

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