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Super sexy Lizz Rainbow celebrating Christmas

The super sexy Lizz Rainbow was perfect on this Christmas day. Made to perfection, completely dressed up with everything on and on, super sexy modified dressed she was ready for it. Surprising her friend with this beautiful outfit meant everything to her today. He had to come home just like that.

When she steps into the house she finds the expected Christmas gifts under the Christmas tree he has put ready. But then, an sms tune brought her bad news, he had to work on a for her so important romatic day.


She cannot wait for him, even not for this disappointment, she cannot control her curiosity. She opens the first package with trembling hands and to her surprise there is a big bag of weed in it. She is overwhelmed and screams for happiness. Every time she takes a new gift out, a bag of weed appears. What a luxury she unleashes. In the euphoria of having to do without her boy friend, she calls her best girlfriend. Now she is ready and really wants to take it together with her lesbian relationship. They are both crazy about nice weed and her boyfriend always has the best stuff in house. They prepare the first joints, with some giggles like women who smoke more often do. Than they started to join smoking one after another joint. The room was full with smoke and smells when he comes in. He is blazing when he smells the smell of his weed, he rushes at her and gives her the thunder blast. He does not particularly like that the gifts were unpacked without being there. But....yeahhh but...


When he looks angry at the two at first, his balls start to tingle, his cock gets hard and moves impetuously between his pants. The horny looks of those two stoned sluts does wonders and so creates a wonderful Dirty Dutch Christmas. All weed pouches are now opened and distributed under the Christmas tree.


"CANNABIZZ" has seen the light of day. A Top Hit where these two blondes, together with an angry and still assured horny friend, suck each other. Taking a sip and pulling a joint creates unlikely scenes. His ejaculation over the two horny blondes prior to a super horny threesome provides incessant pleasure and the best of friends.


This Dirty Dutch "CANNABIZZ" version and more "CANNABIZZ" productions soon can be viewed here... viewed here...

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