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Mans not hot today

Appie comes home in full excitement, Babe babe, this is the main genuine one he yells.The young lady let him know: "WTF is wronG with you"!He disclose to her what he has done.He trows big bags of weed on her lap.

She is surprised and ask where this all came from? "I stoled it from Rico that punk motherfucker that owns me 20K" he answered. Ans now it is time for a party.

We going to Vegas babe pack your bags, mans not hot for now. The young lady let him know: "OGM Appie are you crazy,Rico is a bad motherfucker, we aint save no more"!Fuck rico he can suck my Dick and you as well babe.

She wouldn't let him say that twice...

Two in addition to two is four, short one is three, quick math. Consistently she is that somebody in the area, smoke weed. To see his young lady in the weed smoking position and to think, that young lady is worth a dick. It makes him horney as hell.


The young lady let him know: "Remove your jacket motherfucker" He stated, "Angels, man isn't hot" but if you insist? The young lady let him know: "Remove your jacket en lets get it on babe".

Doggystyle is what she like 

The best way to make doggy style even more exciting. For many women, doggy style is a bit double-up. It may be one of the tastiest ways for G-spot stimulation (and useful if you need a quickie for work), yet it can also feel very distant at the same time. For men, generally speaking, yes, please.

Help each other a hand says Mr Cumbizz

Perform some hand and sports services in turn "His efforts to give you orgasm, clitoral or anal, provide intimacy," Mr Cumbizz says. So gentlemen: since you still have two hands free in this position lets get it on...

Hold her firmly is Mr Cumbizz advice

According to out Dirty Dutch Porn expert Mr Cumbizz it works especially well for both anal action and intimacy when she lies flat on her stomach while you wrap her arms around her. A mix of Weed, deeptroath blowjobs and strong cumshots takes you in Mr Cumbizz new CANNABIZZ world.

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Starring Lizz Rainbow

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