I'm still waiting for an invitation, oh how I would love to spoil my King. The World Keeps Turning and you can keep dreaming, I think, except if you are invited
Title: Got pregnant Skipping school
Actrice:Sperma Kylee , Skipping School
Every day during the long pandemic period it is 11 o’clock in the evening. The next day it will be another boring school day. Shall I go or not, as always I can go to my secret invitation. Mhh…actually I don’t know, I’m not sure. The umpteenth invitation, and it really tickles me, I often have a horny wet pussy. This is a gentlemen’s club and rumor has it that they are very savage in their behavior and want to fuck every new girl as soon as they enter the room. Hmmmm…so that. My imagination is running wild. During my fantasy about how things are going there I always have a huge itching. I fantasized about it for a while and it honestly gave me an amazing orgasm too. I’ve heard rumors about one of the girls that she never came back to school….That’s what I’d like to experience too. I secretly wonder if today should be the day to take that big step. Nice to get caught by some of those hard bats. Men who stand hard, who fuck you upside down, go very deep into my cave and then satisfy my anal what I like oh so much. Which is better, fantasize or go against it live. Well guys it went live I went and OMG it was a rough ride I ripped their condoms off and let those wild boys squirt my teen pussy creampie. Ho ho, more please and don’t forget my ass. Afterwards I felt heavily pregnant, but I was a bit afraid to take a test😳. Because yes, I’m off the contraceptive pill, so fingers crossed.
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