She always loved the Netherlands for the culture, Holland got Weed and everything a party animal needs! Compare her movie “CANNABITCH2” with Tom Hanks “WEED” makes me horny! 



Holland Got Weed and Everything a Party Animal Needs! We ask Betty Fox about  her movie “CANNABITCH2” she starts with the movie “Weeds” this is what she told us about weeds and why she likes weed from Holland!

In the movie “Weeds”, Tom Hanks plays the title character, a reckless and proud party animal whose motto is, “I’m a go getter!” Tom Hanks has certainly put his career on the map by playing such characters as John Candy in “A Ceasefire” and as Clark Griswold in “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”. But what is it about Holland that makes him such a party animal? How does he cope with the day-to-day humbleness of life in the big city? We may never know!

Betty Fox loves to lead


But in real life Betty Fox is a self-confident and outgoing leader. She loves to lead, she loves the limelight, she thrives on being one of the most sought after guys in the room. Anyone who knows Betty Fox can attest to this. Betty Fox is not one to hide in the backseat of a car or ride out of the exit when a guy walks by. If anything, she puts the spice back into the game. She always loved the Netherlands for the culture, Holland got Weed and everything a party animal needs! 

Betty Fox have it all

So whether a guy is having a birthday party, hanging out with friends, throwing a big graduation party, or just want to be the life of the party, Betty Fox got it all! The best part about Betty Fox is her love for bukkake after a smoke of the best dutch weed. Her dirty dutch moves helps men cummm like never before. Visiting Mr. Cumbizz Ranch was a great expierence for Betty Fox. Sunbathing went much further than just that. This hot chick put a lil show on for Mr Cumbizz. Plays with her self and even feed him Weed trees with Squirt juice instead of water. Are you in to join the best weed animal party on 420 day? Checkout our offers and have fun with the bigger discounts and 420 day sale ever on

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