The lockdown hit us all hard. I feel it in my balls says the black man, but also Jan the white man .. In the sun, empty streets and a lonely dog ​​trembling with hunger. Ashley Cumstar, like dozens of peers, has had enough.

Black lives matter – All lives matter

For this Jailbird, fresh out of jail after spending 3 years behind bars, it is a true torture. Not only Black Lives Matter, but All lives matter, and she stands for freedom for all human kind. Enjoying her recent freedom, only one thing is on her mind. Today a BBC has to cool me down otherwise we will go together, black and white to destroy the city, riot, riot if I don’t succeed. To her, BBC is all that matters today. If that big fat BBC she sees coming from afar isn’t meant for her, she might be killing someone today. Black and Whites said it, she’s getting hornier and hornier, it’s dripping between her legs, Could she handle this BBC? Do you want to know? Here’s what Ashley Cumstar has to say about the BBC that happened to her today: Does Black Cock Matter? Then you know when it’s your turn.

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