Hi Mr Cumbizz Its Sabrina Deep , how are you? Question: Can You Get Me That Good Dutch Weed?

Ok Great Thksxxx And He Hung Up The Phone And Went For A Shower.

Somebody Knocked Her Door, She Opened The Door And There He Was.

Finaly I’am Already Two Days In Holland Without Smoking Weed, She Told The Dealer. Thank God For Guys Like Me, Right? He Answered. She Smiled, Fuck Yeah So Here It Is And He Pulled The Big Bag Of Weed Out Of His Coat Pocket.


Omg Thats A Freaking Lot She Said. But I Can’t Afford It , How Much Is It, She Asked. He Answered 100grams And You Have To Take It All I Am Not Taking This Back , Cops Are All Around. Can I Pay With These Guys? And She Showed A Little Bit Of Her Big Boobs. So Do We Have A Deal Or No Deal? Dealer Went Crazy, Fuck What Are Those Big, And He Said Fuck Yea We Got A Deal! I’ve Never Fucked A Real Pornstar Before So Lets Go Baby, And He Start To Unzip His Pants.

Thats A Big Boy And She Started To Lick His Balls Up And Down And Giving Him A Blowjob He Might Nerver Forget Than He Start To Fuck Her Hard In All Positions And Came In Her Pussy.yeah He Made A Real Creampie Mess He Said Best Fuck Ever Wow! Satisfied And Laughing In Her Fists.

She Stumble To The Bathroom To Freshen Up, After All, A Nice Portion Of Weed Is Waiting For Her And Nothing Else Then That Is What She Wanted For Today. The Dealer Sees Her Looking Up The Bathroom And Grabs His Chance. He Gets Dressed Quickly, Grabs His Belongings And The 100 Grams Of Weed, And Yes, He Left Noiselessly.

The Dirty Dutch Porn Queen With Her Big Breasts Is Dissapointed After The Doggystyle, Creampie And Deeptroath Show, She Feels Incredibly Fazed When She Notices That He Has Chosen For A Cheap Way To Fuck Her, A Rip Deal Has Struck Her. She Is The Victim Of Her Own Hunger For Weed, Cannabizz Has Hit Her, Fuck Is Everything That Comes From Her Mouth, I Am Literally And Metaphorically Heavily Sewn!

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